We believe in making wellness 

a part of everyday life -

easy, uncomplicated and

enjoyable to follow.

That's when it sticks.


And that's when it changes your life.


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You Will Learn How To


Get fitter, stronger, leaner and more flexible than ever before with range of HIIT workouts and yoga. 

Stop craving the junk. Make eating healthy, nutritional food enjoyable 


Heal your mind, calm down, de-stress and get to know yourself on a deeper level. Use meditation to motivate change and visualise a lifestyle that serves you


Change your life.

Stop living on autopilot, stop self - sabotaging, show up for yourself daily and be the best version of yourself

"We're on a mission to make wellness a part of life forever, for anyone, no matter where you are on your journey."

James Farrar

I'm a model, actor and Mind and Body coach running a thriving 1:1 Personal Training business in London. I appear weekly on fitness TV channel LiveNow alongside the top coaches in the UK where I deliver my live  '7-2-1' HIIT mind and body workouts. 

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Ali Roff Farrar

I'm a Wellness Editor and Author, Yoga teacher and  Mindfulness expert. My debut book The Wellfulness Project was published in 2020 by Aster, and I'm honoured to be Wellness Director at the UK's original and best-selling emotional wellbeing magazine, Psychologies.

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About us

We weren't born this way - eating kale, popping probiotics, getting up early for pre-work workouts and practicing mindfulness meditations. In fact, we don't even eat that much kale, but we digress. The point is, that at one stage in our lives, we were binge-drinking, Domino-pizza-ordering, inflexible, unhealthy and unhappy autopilot robots, doing what we'd always done, and wondering why we felt so crappy every Sunday night.

And now? Well, to put it simply, we're happy.

Not in the 'Thank God it's Friday, let's binge on booze and kebabs' kind of way, but in the 'Hey, it's Monday morning and you know what, we've got a smile on our faces because we feel great in our bodies and minds, we're showing up for ourselves and making ourselves proud, and that feels pretty GREAT' kind of way.

It's way better than the first kind.

So what got us here? Like you, we might have looked in the mirror and saw someone looking back at us that we didn't recognise, or seen a number we didn't like on the scales. There have been times when we've felt uncomfortable and unconfident in our own bodies, felt and looked ill and unwell in body and also mind. To be honest, Monday mornings were painful. We felt exhausted, unsatisfied with life, and lost. The precise event that triggered change all doesn't really matter - ultimately, it was a feeling which made us make that first step towards change: Unhappiness. 

So, we started with our bodies; committing to exercise which created a physical change but that also (importantly!) served our minds - kept us interested and made us happy. We started to evolve how we ate and how we approached our food - less cyclical binging and deprivation, more wholesome nutrition to fuel our bodies and brains. And then something incredible happened. Yes, yes, we started to look and feel stronger, leaner, clearer headed, more confident.

But we also changed how we saw ourselves. We stopped being people who let themselves down and self-sabotaged on a daily basis, sleepwalking through life and making autopilot decisions which lead us to a destination we hadn't consciously chosen and didn't want to go to. And we started showing up for ourselves. We began to feel a sense of pride, of self-worth, of self-respect, of arrival in our own lives.

And from that point, well, life begins to change completely. A healthy lifestyle stopped becoming a chore, and started becoming something we loved, because it gave us a new feeling: Happiness. It's all about that feeling. 

And we can help you make the changes in your life to get it.  Join us on the path to Wellfulness - a consciously designed life, that works for you.

The Book




A 5-step plan to creating 

a happier, healthier life

that works for you