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COMING SOON: One Week Kickstart Fitness & Nutrition

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1 Week

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COMING SOON: One Week Kickstart Fitness & Nutrition


James Farrar

I'm a model, actor and Mind and Body coach running a thriving 1:1 Personal Training business in London. I appear weekly on fitness TV channel LiveNow alongside the top coaches in the UK where I deliver my live  '7-2-1' HIIT mind and body workouts. 

About the course

Work hard/rest hard with this one-week fitness and nutrition plan. Join James for 6 days of his 20 minute dynamic '7-2-1' HIIT workouts to build strength, raise metabolism and shred excess body fat, then recover with a restorative yoga session lead by Ali on day 7, after all your hard work. 
You'll also get a nutrition guide to follow, covering a morning wellness elixir and supplement to support you in the day ahead, breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and a bedtime drink to support your body in it's recovery while you sleep.  Kick off your wellness journey with this easy to follow yet big impact week long plan which can repeated again and again. Perfect to pair with the 'One Week Meditation for Motivation Course' with Ali.

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