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COMING SOON: One Week Meditation for Motivation Course

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1 Week

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COMING SOON: One Week Meditation for Motivation Course


Ali Roff Farrar

I'm a Wellness Editor and Author, Yoga teacher and  Mindfulness expert. My debut book The Wellfulness Project was published in 2020 by Aster, and I'm honoured to be Wellness Director at the UK's original and best-selling emotional wellbeing magazine, Psychologies

About the course

Use the power of meditation to first find stillness and clarity, in order to make space for perspective and
motivation. You'll start and end your day with a blissful meditation; the morning meditation is designed to motivate and inspire to achieve your fitness and health goals using visualisation. The evening meditation is designed to end your day with blissful relaxation to ensure a night of deep and restful sleep so that you wake the next day feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world! You'll also get a bonus workout with James, and a workbook to inspire further motivation on your health journey. Perfect to pair with the One-Week Kickstart Fitness and Nutrition Plan with James.

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