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Essential oils for wellbeing: the benefits of Patchouli

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

From better sleep, to relieving feelings of uncertainty; aromatherapy using essential oils has many benefits, and is an enjoyable ritual to make a part of your everyday. Here is one of Ali's favourite essential oils; patchouli and it's incredible wellness properties...

Patchouli Oil - for uncertainty and better sleep

A perennial herb originating in China, patchouli is a very grounding scent; floral and earthy, invoking images of the simple joys found in the beauty of nature. Perfect in an oil burner after a long day or used on your pulse points when blended with a carrier oil like almond oil to calm and ground feelings of uncertainty. Studies have suggested it also may be useful to help aid sleep, so it's a perfect oil to use in a diffuser or oil burner as a bedtime ritual.

I also love to blend it with neroli (great for PMS) for a really earthy, floral, bohemian scent - I mix a 2:1 of neroli to patchouli combination with organic almond oil and apply as a natural perfume. Plus, it's perfect to use with this grounding meditation for when you're feeling lost, unsettled or untethered.

How to use essential oils:

Make sure to buy organic, sustainable and 100% essential oils for the health of your body and the planet, and enjoy dropped into an oil burner, electric diffuser, a bath, or use with a carrier oil like almond oil (pure essential oils directly onto your skin can cause irritation!).

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