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How to: Intuitive eating

You may have heard of intuitive eating. It is about using your intuition - trusting your inner wisdom - to make choices about food based on how it feels in your body, without judgement and without influence from any diet culture. Becoming more mindful is an important tool when it comes to intuitive eating, in that you cannot hear your body's inner wisdom if you are not tuned into the present moment. Once you are, you can begin to listen to the information your body is giving you. This is called interoception and, for many of us, it isn't something we're deeply tuned into. But by using Wellfulness, you can begin to listen more closely to your body and the signals it sends you about how food makes you feel.

Intuitive eating is the difference between listening and being a slave to what our mind wants (sugar. cake, chips!) and what our body wants (fruit! water! fibre!). By learning to listen to these interoceptive messages and signals from our body during and after eating, we are able to begin to hear important messages about what our body needs, what foods do and do not work for us, and even information on how and where we eat.

So, intuitive eating takes mindful eating a step further, from being in the present moment and using the practice of eating as a tool to develop our mindful muscle, to applying the skill of mindfulness to help us pay attention to how the food we eat and the way we eat it makes our body feel, in order to guide ourselves towards eating for our body's needs rather than our mind's wants.

Find my Intuitive Eating practice in my book The Wellfulness Project.

Extract from The Wellfulness Project (Aster, £12.99) by Ali Roff Farrar.

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