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Self-Discovery Journal Prompts: Fitness Edition

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Grow self-confidence, awareness and resilience through these fitness-based self-discovery journal prompts ...

Self-discovery is a journey many of us have found ourselves on since Covid-19 impacted our everyday lives. For many of us, it has felt as if our lives have been thrown off course, as if we have no control over our present, or future. And, as experts have warned that a mental health epidemic awaits us in the aftermath of lockdowns effects, there’s no better time to start looking after ourselves and showing up for ourselves, both mentally and physically; building self-resilience, self-confidence, and self-esteem (try this 10-minute workout with James that fits easily into any schedule).

And exercise could be one of the best places to begin on our journey of inner-exploration. A study in the International Journal of Sport Psychology found regular exercise over the course of six months increased self-confidence*. The mental wellbeing charity Mind also reports the self-resilience building mental health benefits of exercise, through its positive effects on mood and ability help us better manage anxiety and stress.

So, with this in mind, try these self-discovery journal prompts around physical exercise to help build self-awareness, understanding, confidence, resilience, and self-growth…

  1. Once you have finished your workout/yoga/run etc, how do you feel? Try to name three emotions, and write a sentence giving detail about what they feel like and why.

  2. What effect do these emotions have on the way you think about yourself?

  3. What effect do these emotions have on you for the rest of your day?

  4. What’s your mindset like before you start exercising?

  5. What’s your mindset like after?

  6. What have you gained since you started exercising on a physical level?

  7. What have you lost on a physical level?

  8. What have you gained since you started exercising on a mental/spiritual level?

  9. What have you lost on a mental/spiritual level?

  10. What are your goals for the future, physically, mentally and spiritually? What do you hope to achieve/increase/get more of?

  11. What do you hope to let go of?

  12. What can you do today to do this?

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