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The benefits of Neroli: Essential oils for wellbeing

Aromatherapy using essential oils has many wellness benefits, and Neroli is one of nature's crown jewels and one of Ali's favourite essential oils. Discover it's incredible wellness properties...

Neroli oil - for beautiful skin and PMS

Extracted from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, neroli oil is so beautiful it has long been used as a perfume, yet it also has wonderful wellness properties too! It’s antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant assets are perfect for aiding clear and glowing skin when used as part of your facial skincare routine.

It has also been found to decrease PMS symptoms such as bloating, low mood and painful cramps. And as if that weren't enough, neroli oil is also thought to reduce stress and cortisol levels, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation, so it's a perfect addition to your desktop collection- I love to burn the Holistic neroli and chamomile soy candle on busy days for a little added luxury along with the added benefits of neroli's anti stress properties.

You can use neroli as a perfume when blended as a carrier oil, or drop into a bath to work its magic and leave you smelling heavenly. I love to blend it with neroli for a really earthy, floral, bohemian scent - I mix a 2:1 of neroli to patchouli combination with organic almond oil and apply as a natural perfume. Discover patchouli's amazing wellness benefits here.

How to use essential oils:

Make sure to buy organic, sustainable and 100% essential oils for the health of your body and the planet, and enjoy dropped into an oil burner, electric diffuser, a bath, or use with a carrier oil like almond oil (pure essential oils directly onto your skin can cause irritation).

Discover more of my favourite essential oils.

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