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What is Wellfulness?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Wellfulness - what is it and how can you get more of it in your life?

If we want to be healthier /get fitter/ be happier, there’s a tonne of free information out there to follow. So much in fact, that it can be completely overwhelming – just take getting fit as an example; should you be long distance running? Practicing yoga? Following kettlebell workouts? Or doing a daily HIIT session? Well, there is no right or wrong answer, because there is no one size fits all what it comes to wellness and the health of our bodies and minds. What works for me might not work for you – what my body needs might not be what yours needs – what supports my mental health might not support your mental health - and what interests me and makes me happy, might not be what interests you and makes you happy. We need to stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers, and look inside to our inner wisdom to guide the way.

That’s the ethos behind WELLFULNESS – do what serves YOU. Wellfulness is about consciously designing your life using mindfulness, or mindful awareness, in order to understand how the things you do; food you eat, routine you follow, exercise you do, makes you FEEL.

For a wellness practice to have a longstanding place in your life (which is in part, key to creating ongoing wellbeing in your life – we can’t just eat one plant-based meal and expect our cholesterol levels to lower to a healthy level forever, just as we can’t go for one run and suddenly be able to run a whole marathon), it must serve you on a holistic level – meaning in:

  1. Physical body,

  2. Mental interest and mental support,

  3. And in the passions and values of your heart.

The realm of wellness can be overwhelming - there is a whole world of information out there on how to be healthy, but in order to use that information well, we need to first check out of the external noise and into the internal wisdom within us, to ask:

  • How do I feel?

  • What is my body calling for?

  • What does my mind need?

  • What lights up my heart?

  • What’s working for me? And what isn’t?

From this place of mindful awareness, we can consciously design our lives to better serve, support and nourish us, on our terms. We can stop doing what doesn’t work, stop blindly following trends and fads, stop wasting our time, and start to achieve our health, fitness, and happiness goals by creating our own wellness plan.

So, how do you do it?

  • Start the Project. I wrote my book The Wellfulness Project as a 5-step guide taking you through five main areas of life; food, exercise, space, routine and ritual and mind, helping you to figure out what works for you in each area, to create your own unique wellness plan designed by you, for you. Buy it here.

  • Work with us 1:1 on a yearlong in person Wellfulness Project. You’ll work on each area of your life, training with James along the way, practicing yoga and meditation with Ali, and have monthly Welllfulness coaching to create clarity and consciously redesign your life so that it supports you on every level. To work with us 1:1 email us at

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