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Ylang Ylang: The benefits of essential oils for wellbeing

Increase the peace with this beautiful and excotic essential oil with many wellness benefits...

Ylang Ylang - for increased calm, scars and wounds

Native to India, the Philippines and Indonesia, Ylang Ylang derives from flowers of Cananga tree. Ylang Ylang is exotic and feminine, and offers a whole host of wellness benefits including mood boosting elements, promoting an increased sense of calm, and antidepressant qualities.

It’s a natural insect repellent, can aid with healing wounds and even fading scars when applied to the skin with a carrier oil. It's also used to relieve pain and inflammation too! Drop into organic almond oil and apply to skin after showering to diminish and fade scars. You can also try blending ylang ylang with neroli for a beautifully floral facial oil to help fight spots and fade marks left from old spots or acne to promote clearer skin.

Struggling to get to sleep due to stress? Blend it with patchouli to combine ylang ylang's calm enhancing properties with patchouli's sleep aiding benefits.

How to use essential oils:

Make sure to buy organic, sustainable and 100% essential oils for the health of your body and the planet, and enjoy dropped into an oil burner, electric diffuser, a bath, or use with a carrier oil like almond oil (pure essential oils directly onto your skin can cause irritation).

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