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Mindset and motivation coaching + meditations for mindfulness, stress & motivation, with Ali

A ritual and meditation for feeling safe and grounded
It's an honor to be able to share this grounding meditation and ritual for free from my book The Wellfulness Project, to help with feelings of uncertainty, feeling unsafe or untethered during this unprecedented time. Take some time for you today, and return to this soothing, grounding meditation and ritual to help you get rooted, calm an overactive mind, move from fight/flight into rest and digest, and feel safe again. If you've listened once already and know how to set up for the meditation, you can jump right to the beginning of the meditation at 6.23 of the recording. - A little about my new book 'THE WELLFULNESS PROJECT'... Discover a wellness plan that's unique to you and your needs, and use it to create a healthy lifestyle that serves you holistically and forever. Combining fascinating contemporary science with ancient eastern practices such as meditation and yoga, plus storytelling and journalling practices, The Wellfulness Project will guide you through each area of your life from food and exercise, to space, ritual and routine, and even your mind. Perfect for when life changes direction, setting up a healthy new routine working from home, and helping you to discover where you can make changes in your life, even if you're dealing with things you can't control. ​ Filled with beautiful illustrations to soothe and inspire, and gentle guided meditations to listen to or follow again and again, The Wellfulness Project is a beautiful, big book that you'll return to again and again. Buy here:
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